2 islah . the great and powerful :D


First, this is not a racist story.
I never thought that I would love my class more than anything. The teachers, the decorations (of course)
how we have fun in every learning session, and yeah, the most, the people. My beloved friends.
I don't know.. it feels like I know them all so close for many years. Even the new kids. Well, not really 'kids'
 both are older act.

They're so understanding, patient, fun, crazy and concern. Most of them.
The boys and the girls, we helped each other in direct or indirect way. That's kind of a thing many classes wouldn't do..I mean sincerely. I  guess.

One word for my class that I can proudly describe is TEAMWORK.
I realized how important to have that in doing something in group. Yes, everyone knows that. But I didn't know it can be so great to have that between boys and girls. As one class, to manage things together and stuff.. How satisfy-ing to feel the teamwork spirit in each and every one of us.

And that's what makes us love each other.

Two missing. (4 act. sad story)

Friends are like stars.. You don't always see them. 
But you know they're always there.

seeya.. Assalamualaikum wbt

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